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Lyrical Hair Corp.

is a well established factory located in Qingdao, China, designing and manufacturing hair replacement systems, wigs and accessories for international market.

Our products have enjoyed great reputation for their good quality, competitive price and prompt shipment in international market and many buyers are dealing solely with us for quite some time.

But what we introduce here to you is our men¡¯s system. We get the orders ready within two weeks! We have factories located in different areas with experienced workers. We import base materials other factories do not have for the best quality units.

From the time you let us know all the order details to the time your order is completed, it takes only two weeks. If you like, you can get your orders ready within one week. We will have your systems delivered to your door by express shipping service such as UPS and FedEx. This saves your time and your energy.

What is the cost? You can spend as less as two hundred dollars! You don¡¯t need to pay extra fro the shipment. You are buying directly from our factory. This exclude extra cost, so our price is the lowest in the international market.  This saves your money.

We started this service one year ago and things work out pretty well. You will enjoy high quality materials, quick production and qualified products. We have well trained workers to do the job in very step of the manufacturing and we have appointed staff to communicate with you about your orders and process your orders.

E-mail: wigfactory@163169.net  Hotmail:lyricaltoupee@hotmail.com

   Tel:0086-0532-8587-8587         Fax:0086-0532-8588-6740