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ØWhy the price is so low?

     You are ordering directly from the factory. By doing this we exclude retailers and can save your money.

ØIs the quality guaranteed?

   Yes of course. We pay every detail to make your order clear and make sure it is high quality. If you think your hairpiece has failed to meet your quality expectations, you can have a refund.

ØI'm wary of buying over the Internet.

     Lyrical Hair Corp. has established a solid reputation of honest service and our customers are fully satisfied. You'll have to trust us. This web site is not a trick!

ØDo you put my email address on a junk mail list?

     No. I guarantee you. Your privacy will never be violated by Lyrical Hair Corp.

ØHow long do the hairpieces last?

     Our guarantee period is three months. After this period, if you take good care of your hairpiece, it can last a year long time.

ØCan you keep my template and hair samples so I can reorder quickly?

     Yes we prefer you do so. If we have your template and color on file at the factory, your next order can begin production within a day or two, saving a lot of time.

ØCan you copy my existing unit exactly?

We'd be glad and able to do so. Send it in. Save money.

ØCan I send my unit for repair?

     You can send any brand of hairpiece for repair/remake. But we do not offer recoloring and permanent wave (curling). Also our factory does not accept all repairs as some requests involve more labor than a new unit.

ØCan I call you for help?

     Of course you can, see the "Contact Us" page for telephone information. But as a mail order Internet firm, we do hope you contact us via email.