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ØWhich is better, tape or glue?

     Generally, it is much easier to use tape. Glue is often the best choice for the lace front because this makes it really invisible. But different people has different choice.

ØMust I remove my hairpiece everyday?

      We recommend frequent removal for hygiene reasons. If your skin is oily or you sweat a lot, it is okay to ware it for one day or two. If your skin is dry, you can ware it a little longer.

ØHow can I put my hairpiece in the right place of my head?

     Usually your natural hairline begins at least three fingers above the furrowed eyebrows. Use your fingers to find out where is the front of your scalp. It is easy to put the hairline in the right place.

ØHow can I remove my lace Hairpiece without damaging it?

       Spray enough Lace Release or alcohol to it and wait for a moment. When bond release, you can remove your hairpiece.

ØWhat can I do with the glue that stays on my head?

You can clean the glue off your head with Adhesive Remover.

ØShould I start to release at the front or the back?

Choose whichever way you prefer.

ØWhen I remove my lace hairpiece and the hair drops?

     You must completely release the bond to the glue or tape before you lift the lace up. If you just do this, you won't pull the hair out.

ØThe Adhesive Remover prevents the new tape from sticking to the unit.

     Clean off the Adhesive Remover with Lace Release or alcohol. Then wash with water or shampoo and water. You should also keep the hairpiece dry.

ØWhat's the best way to remove the solvent etc. from the base and hair?

Shampoo the hairpiece, roll it in a dry towel and shake it quickly.

ØThere is hair on the tape.

    You should release the tape carefully before remove the hairpiece to avoid such case.


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