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ØWhat is the best way to wash the hairpiece?

     Wash the hairpiece with shampoo in lukewarm water or cool water. Then rinse it with the water going from bottom to top. Before air it dry, you can roll it in a towel to absorb the water. 

ØThere is glue left in the holes of the base, how can I get it out?

     Here we introduce a very easy method we learnt from our customers. What you need to do is just push the bottom of the lace firmly against a mirror and slide it down the glass. The glue will get out of the holes and be left on the glass.

ØHow to avoid getting the residue?

     You can use liquid glue to make the thinnest coat and let it dry before push down the lace. If you use tape, you should remove your hairpiece more frequently to prevent getting residue.

ØIs there any other method to remove adhesive residue from my lace?

     There is a very easy method to remove it. Just apply a fresh, strong tape directly over the residue and press it on firmly. Then release this new tape and it should come off with most of the residue attached. 

ØIt's difficult to brush my hairpiece when it's wet and the hair seems to come out.

       Don’t brush a hairpiece when it is wet. Brushing a wet hairpiece can pull out many hairs. When it is dry, brush the dry hair gently. Don’t brush from the foundation.

ØIs it safe to use a hair dryer to style my hairpiece?

     We suggest you not use hair dryer. Synthetic hair should never be dried with the hair dryer, and even human hair replacements shouldn’t be dried with the hair dryer. You can dry hair by shaking out a hairpiece or by rolling it in a towel.  

ØWhat kind of shampoo or conditioner is best?

     Generally leave in conditioner is a good idea. If there is a pH value on the label, buy shampoo that is in the range of 4.5 to 5.5 pH. It’s better without polymers, lanolin or heavy oils. Don’t apply the conditioner to the knots. The conditioner can accelerate hair loss. Caution, don’t mix different conditioners together. It is not good for the hairpiece.

ØWhat kind of after-shampoo conditioners should I use?

     You’d better not use too much of those. Conditioner can shorten the life of the hairpiece. Just use a little amount of mild shampoo and leave-in conditioner