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All Poly SkinR-2-9P2-3-8AB-1All French laceHOLOctagonPO-6

If you are wearing a toupee, we will be glad to copy your existing unit. This is very convenient for you.

You should receive the new hair system about two weeks with the used one after our receiving of your order. 

Every new toupee will cost you only USD180 if your hair length is within 6 inches.

If you have any specific request, please feel free to email us or send to us along with your existing unit.

 Do you want to order new hair pieces ?

Please send us the following:

Template. click here to make a template.

Choose a hairpiece base from our base designs .

Print the order form and fill it out.

Some hair samples.  (take samples from each side and back, keeping them separate, and tape them to the appropriate spots on the order form)

You should receive the new hair system about two weeks after our receiving of your order. 

You can also email us to make the order. While filling the order form, please note the base size by width and length and the hair color from New Image color ring.                                                                         For VIP Express Service



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