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Ø What is the best density for an all lace hairpiece?

     The density of 80% and below is the best for an all lace base hairpiece. There will be little room on the base for all knots if the density is heavier. We have to make the knots doubles and singles. Or you can just have a lace front. Extra fine Swiss lace is the least detectable front.

Ø Do you have poly skin bases?

     Yes. We use poly skin at the edges and we also have all skin base. It can have different thickness.

Ø Why the injected hairpiece is more expensive?

      We inject hair into the poly skin base which is difficult to do and this cost much more. That’s why it is more expensive. But you can see there is no knot. 

Ø Can lace front be replaced?

     Yes and some customers ask for such hairpieces.

Ø Can I get a small partial for the front or the crown only?

      Yes you can get it and many people do this.

Ø Can I get a full wig with sideburns?

Yes you can. But we charge more according to your specific requests.

Ø Can I order base design that is not listed in your website?  

     The base designs listed in this website are just basic designs. Many customers have their own specific requests. So, feel free to have your own special base design.


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