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All Poly SkinR-2-9P2-3-8AB-1All French laceHOLOctagonPO-6




Only cost USD299 for normal requests unit!

Do you need a hair system urgently? We can get it ready for one week!

The fastest way to order from us is filling out the order form and then email it to us!

As soon as we get your email, we will check if there is any problem in the order form for us to start the production.

You will get an email notice of the starting of your order from us. We will get our experienced workers to work on your order just to make sure you get quality hair unit while we keep a fast pace during the production.

Meanwhile, you should make the payment so that we can make the delivery as soon as your order is ready.

We make delivery by UPS, EMS and such express service.

Just imagine how fast it is to get your order!

Surely you can send template and hair sample to us though we would have to wait for them for the production.

Template. click here to make a template.

Choose a hairpiece base from our base designs .

Print the order form and fill it out.

Some hair samples.  (take samples from each side and back, keeping them separate, and tape them to the appropriate spots on the order form)





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